Участники — NEVA


I.S.Mäkinen OyстендF4012

Tammitie 14, 21410, Vanhalinna, Finland / +358 274 4444

IMG Ingenieurtechnik & Maschinenbau GmbHстендF2203

Industriestraße 8, Rostock, D-18069, Germany / +49 381 7930
Plant technology made by IMG mbH covers the entire spectrum from the idea up to the product. Planning, design and construction under one roof. Short communication routes, many years of experience, a capable team and the bringing in of the results of the latest research and development in order...

Industrias Guerra S.A.стендG1112

Avda. Beningno Sánchez, s/n, Vila de Cruces, 36590, Spain / +34 986 582 000
Industrias Guerra manufactures hydraulic marine cranes, for fishing and aquaculture, oil and offshore, tug boats and workboats. The result of 65 years of experience are efficient, safe and quality products, designed specially addressing the needs of a marine environment. Our aim is to achieve high...


Eğitim Mah. Poyraz Sok. Er-Togay İş Merk. No.3 K.8 D.23-24 Hasanpaşa, Kadıköy - İSTANBUL /TÜRKİYE, ISTANBUL, Turkey / +90 216 337 55 01
The establishment of the company stands back to 1916. We have made transport agreements with Mobil, BP and Petrol Ofisi in 1968 and 1974. Then in 1974 we have built the tanker “Karavelioğlu” and continued the fuel supply business with similar companies. The Group expanded its activities by...

Inelteh d.o.o.стендG1114

Ljubljanska cesta 7, Rijeka, 51000 , Croatia / +385 51 274 536
INELTEH was founded in 1990 as a private company. Its founders have already had 15 years of previous experience in development and production of marine equipment and systems. The INELTEH production, which is of it’s own development can basically be categorised in 4 groups of products: 01 ·...

International Paint Ltd - AkzoNobelстендF6104

Россия, 196158, Санкт-Петербург, Пулковское шоссе, дом 40/4, Литера Д, офис С6070 , Технопарк "Технополис" / +7 812 676 9144
For over 100 years, International® has successfully provided solutions to the global Marine industry’s constantly evolving needs and earned a reputation of trust and quality. The International® Marine coatings are engineered to deliver proven performance in service whilst representing value...

Intertech BVстендF6311

Gildenveld 19, Zeewolde, 3892 DC, Netherlands / +31 036 522 5885
Intertech was established in 1986 and is a technical trading company specialising in supplying brake and friction linings, as well as the necessary fittings, synthetic composite-bearing materials, couplings for drive systems and hatch cover seals. Our customers include worldwide companies in the...

При поддержке:

  • Под эгидой Морской Коллегии при Правительстве РФ
  • Министерство транспорта РФ
  • Министерства промышленности и торговли
  • Федеральное агентство по рыболовству
  • МИД РФ
  • Правительство Санкт-Петербурга
  • При поддержке Морского Совета при Правительстве Санкт-Петербурга
  • ТПП РФ
  • Объединенная судостроительная корпорация
  • Ассоциация морских торговых портов
  • Союз производителей нефтегазового оборудования
  • Ассоциация "ГЛОНАСС/ГНСС-Форум"
  • International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH)
  • Альянс Сварщиков
  • Центр стратегических оценок и прогнозов
  • ТССЗ
  • Арктический экспертный совет

Спонсор: Акционерное общество «Зеленодольский завод имени A.M. Горького»

  • Акционерное общество «Зеленодольский завод имени A.M. Горького»

Генеральный информационный партнёр: «Морское Информационное Агентство»

  • Морское Информационное Агентство

Генеральный застройщик выставки: Компания «ЭФ-Дизайн»

  • Компания «ЭФ-Дизайн»
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